Rooting hardwood cuttings using the long soak method

Shrubs and trees can be well propagated with hardwood cuttings. The shoots are taken in the dormant season after natural leaf fall. The stored energy in the cutting of the shoot can be used to form roots, but the plant will also use the available energy to grow and create new shoots. The stored energy in the shoot can be used to form roots, but the plant will also use the available energy to grow and create new shoots. The latter process can be slowed down by applying a solution of Rhizopon AA tablets to the base of the cuttings. After treatment with the long soak method, the cuttings will first form roots and subsequently sprout. The cutting efficiently uses its energy, makes a good quantitative and qualitative root system and can grow into a healthy and strong tree or shrub.


Even with hardwood cuttings, shoots formed in the same year are the best to root. Make sure that the cuttings taken are sufficiently long. Because the hardwood cuttings have no leaves and therefore cannot assimilate, all the energy for the rooting will have to come from the cuttings themselves.

Most winter cuttings are 20-25 cm long, the thickness is about of a pencil and they often contain 2 to 3 buds/nodes. To make it easier to plant the cuttings, the base can be cut off diagonally. Make sure that there are at least 2 buds/nodes left over.

Tablet solution

Prepare the tablet solution just before the treatment of the cuttings. Check the number of tablets per liter for the crop or cultivar to be treated in the Rooting Guide first. Fill a glass, plastic or stainless steel container (no other types of metal!) with the requested amount of water. Use a (hand) mixer to smash the tablets and so dissolve the active substance in water for at least 1 minute. It is possible to take out a small amount of water from the container first and prepare the tablet solution in a smaller vessel. Then the tablet solution will be added to the water in the container and stirred thoroughly.

Don't re-use the tablet solution. The active substance gradually break down due to light, temperature and pollution. As a result, the cutting cannot soak indolylbutyric acid sufficiently. Therefore, refresh the tablet solution after each treatment. 


Place the base (2 cm) of these cuttings in the container with the RHIZOPON® AA TABLETS solution and leave it upright for 12 to 24 hours. Keep the base of the cuttings at least 2 cm in the solution. How long the cuttings should be in the solution, is indicated per crop and cultivar in the Rooting Guide. Label the cuttings after treatment, clearly indicate the underside and store the cuttings at a low temperature near freezing point. Make sure that the cuttings do not dry out in the cooling. This can be done by packing the cuttings in plastic.


When planting out, make sure that the cutting is placed 2/3 in the soil, or 1/4 in the pot, and that at least one bud/node is held above the ground. From the upper bud/node new shoots will appear.