Rhizopon markets eight products based on the active substance indolylbutyric acid to treat cuttings of ornamentals. 

Seven ready for use Chryzo- and Rhizopon AA rooting powders, ranging from 0.1% till 2% indolylbutyric acid, are available to the grower. Dip cutting bases approximately 1-2 cm from the base in the powder. Shake of superfluous powder carefully and plant the cuttings in the substrate. 

Rhizopon AA tablets are water soluable tablets and can be applied using several methods. When using the total immersion method the cuttings are totally immersed in the Rhizopon AA tablet solution for 5 seconds. The treatment using the long soak method allows the lower 2 cm of the base of a cutting to absorb in a Rhizopon AA tablet solution for at least 12 hours. After treatment the cuttings are planted in the substrate.

Hardwood cuttings are taken in the dormant season as leafless cuttings whose leaves have fallen naturally.  These cuttings can be treated in the winter with the long soak method. If preferred, the treated hardwood cuttings can be stored for a period in the humid cooling, protected against dehydration, around the freezing point.

For most ornamentals the method and concentration to be applied can be found in the rooting guide.

Check for a safe use of our products the label on the packaging first. Please find the up to date SDSs at Safety and Quality.


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