Safety and Quality


The use of Rhizopon products entails, as it is the case for all products to be used, risks for humans, animals and the environment. This can only be kept manageable when the user instructions and other instructions on the product label are followed by the user. The labels of the authorized Rhizopon products are attached to the packaging. Check before use if the label is still valid with the registration in the country concerned and with the product label available on this website. This  does not replace the old version of the label. In case the label doesn't match with the current registration we recommend to contact the product supplier.

In addition, it is very important to check the safety data sheet (SDS) of the product before use. The SDS contains useful information about the properties and risks of the product and the active substance, the personal protective measures when using the product, what to do in the event of a fire or accident, and how to transport, store and process the product. The product safety data sheets in English can be found on this web page.


The production of the Rhizopon rooting products takes place with great care.  Samples are taken for every production batch and checked for quality and identity by an independ and certified laboratory. On the packaging of every Rhizopon product a unique batch number is printed. This number corresponds to an analysis performed by the certified laboratory, which is reported in a certificate of analysis (CoA), issued on the date stated in the certificate. Therefore we can guarantee that the Rhizopon products falls within the specifications and trace back the production date of the batch concerned.