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Rooting cuttings with Rhizopon products in autumn

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Plants are preparing for winter. A great time to take cuttings. They are now brimming with energy, ready to make roots!


Counterfeit and fake products

Counterfeit products are becoming an increasing problem. There are also products on the market which carry the name of the product but contain something other than what is specified, in other words fake products. Both forms are, of course, illegal and can cause damage when used, as the quality is not guaranteed.


Points of sale visible on map

The 'Points of sale' page has been updated. From now on, you can search for a sales location near you on the map.


How to root succulents?

Cuttings of succulents have a large cutting surface. Micro-organisms such as bacteria and moulds can easily contaminate the cutting through this opening. To prevent this as much as possible, we advise to let the wound to dry after taking the succulent cutting.


How to apply the long soak method to hardwood cuttings?

In the coming months it will be the dormant season for many trees and shrubs. Cuttings are taken and it's time to root these hardwood cuttings. Treatment of the hardwood cuttings by means of the long suction method provides a good stimulus for the formation of roots. We provide you with the relevant information.


Advantages of using Rhizopon products with indolylbutyric acid

Rhizopon products containing the active substance indolylbutyric acid are used for the vegetative propagation of ornamental crops. The grower adds this to the cutting to improve the quality and quantity of root formation.


New website Rhizopon

Welcome to our new website!


New label colours

Rhizopon AA powder 1% and Rhizopon AA powder 2% will have new label colours. The lay-out of the Rhizopon AA powder 0.5% and Rhizopon AA tablets remain purple. The label text didn't change.