Counterfeit and fake products

4 August 2021

Also Rhizopon has recently received some reports of rooting products with the registered Rhizopon product names on the market that do not originate from our production location. This is an undesirable situation for both the manufacturer and the end user. Therefore, we give you some tips on how to distinguish fake products from Rhizopon products.

Buy your rooting products from a reliable supplier

For professional users in the EU, it is a legal requirement to buy from a certified supplier. As Rhizopon is not licensed to supply directly to the end user, distributors have been appointed to sell the products in the EU countries with the product registrations. All our resellers within the EU are certified, such as CDG in the Netherlands and fytolicentie in Belgium. Outside the EU, we only supply to regular suppliers. Buy your rooting product at these (certified) distributors, which can be found under Points of sale on the website

Non-professional user

When you are a non-professional user within the EU, you can only apply the Rhizopon rooting powder Chryzotop Green 0.25% or Clonex by Growth Technology Ltd. in a number of countries where this application is registered. When you are offered (online) other rooting products, then this cannot be purchased legally, without being in possession of a certificate of professional competence. In the Netherlands, this is the Vakbekwaamheidsbewijs Uitvoeren Gewasbescherming, or spuitlicentie. In Belgium, you need a Fytolicentie to be able to apply our rooting products for professional use. Please check which certificate of professional competence is valid in your own country.

Please note: there are products offered in the EU that also contain indolylbutyric acid, but which originate from another manufacturer/formulator than Rhizopon or Growth Technology. These products have not been evaluated by the government and are therefore not allowed in the EU. The use of these products in the EU is illegal.

What else to look for?

When purchasing your rooting product, always check whether the information on the packaging is correct. Are the product name and active ingredient spelled correctly? Does it have the correct authorisation number? This kind of information can be found in the databases and decisions of the evaluating authorities. On our website we have added links to databases or decisions for a number of countries. To do so, click on the authorisation number.

Check the packaging and the contents for other aspects as well. Does the content of the packaging correspond to what was previously purchased? Is the label colour correct? Are there any unusual characteristics with regard to the packaging? Changes in the product, the packaging or the label will always be reported by us to the distributors and a news item will be placed on our website

Our packaging has visible and invisible marks. An example of a visible marker is the stamp of the packaging manufacturer on the bottom of the package.

Reporting deviations

If you discover deviations which have not been reported by your supplier or which can be found on our website, please contact our helpdesk immediately. In case of doubt, the authenticity of the product can then be checked.

Further information

More information on counterfeit and fake products can be found on the websites of Stichting CDG (in Dutch),  Crop Life Europe and Europol.