Rooting for each crop

Rhizopon produces and supplies products based on the plant hormone indolybutyric acid, which are used to enhance the rooting of ornamentals in several countries within and outside the EU for over 80 years.

The main reasons to use Rhizopon rooting powder or tablets are:

  • A uniformly shaped root system around the base of the cuttings ensures a better anchoring of the plant in the pot or soil and enables a balanced build-up of the plant.
  • Increased predictability in propagation of the crop. This ensures the producer of the starting material reliability.
  • Keeps the crop healthy and less sensible to pests and diseases due to the optimal rooting.


Rooting Guide

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A good start is necessary for a successful crop. Various instructions have been developed by Rhizopon in order to achieve the best result.


Rhizopon provides customized advice. If you have a rooting process question, call or email the Rhizopon help desk!

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