About Rhizopon

Rhizopon is a manufacturer and registration holder of eight products based on the rooting hormone indolylbutyric acid, which are distributed in a number of countries within and outside the EU. The products are used to enhance the rooting of cuttings of ornamental crops.

A plant can produce the rooting hormone itself. To ensure that this process runs smoothly and high quality roots are produced, the cuttings are treated with Rhizopon products at the supplier of the starting material or at the grower. This can be done by dipping the cutting in rooting powder of the Chryzo- or Rhizopon range or by a treatment with a solution of Rhizopon AA tablets disolved in water. The uptake of water and nutrients improves, when the cuttings are well-rooted. Plants grow faster, are stronger and therefore less susceptible to pests and diseases.

The grower experiences another advantage; more plants can be delivered at the same time. This saves (labour) time and the production of young plants is more predictable. 

Our products are only available through certified suppliers for professional use. Chryzotop Green 0.25% rooting powder is available for private users in the UK. This can be purchased through the points of sale for private use as garden centers.

To use indolylbutyric acid products in Europe and many other countries elsewere in the world a registration is required. Rhizopon is the only registration holder and notifier for the defence of this active substance within the EU.  Risks to humans, animals and environment are assessed by the evaluation bodies in the EU. A safe use is guaranteed when applied according to the latest version of the label. Therefore always read the label before using the product.

For questions and advise on the use of Rhizopon products, please check the information available on this website, fi the Rooting guide with information on method and concentration to be applied for many crops and varieties. It is possible to contact Rhizopon by E-mail; helpdesk@rhizopon.nl or by phone; +31 71 34 15 146.