Powder dip method (instruction)


Rhizopon distributes seven ready for use rooting powders in different concentrations indolylbutyric acid.

The powders in the Chryzo-range all have different colours. The colour is part of the name of the products in the Chryzo-range; Chryzopon Rose (Pink in Dutch) 0,1%, Chryzotop Green 0,25%, Chryzotek Beige 0,4% and Chryzoplus Grey 0,8%.

Next to the Chryzo-range products three off-white to light grey concentrations Rhizopon AA powders are available; Rhizopon AA 0.5%, Rhizopon AA 1% and Rhizopon AA 2%. A higher concentration indolylbutryc acid gives more rooting power.

Please use the rooting guide for the right method and concentration in your crop. For more information please contact the Rhizopon helpdesk. Rhizopon advices to test each product on a small number of cuttings first. This to avoid crop safety issues at high concentrations or less results at low concentrations.


Always read the label before use. Even if the Rhizopon products are applied within your company for a number of years, the use can have changed in the meantime. Therefore please check if the most recent version of the label is attached to the packaging. In order to know which personal protective equipment is required, how to transport and store the product, please download the Safety Data Sheet from this website.

Use a small dish with a diameter of approximately 5 cm and 2 cm high to put in the powder. This is to prevent the powder from being wasted when using a larger dish. Make sure that, during the treatment of the cuttings, there is sufficient powder in the dish. This to be able to dip the cuttings into the powder at least for 1 cm around the base of the cutting. Application of too little powder to the cutting can result in a reduced effect.

Dip cutting bases approximately 1-2 cm from the base in the powder. Tap excess powder over the dish. It is possible to dip a bundle of cuttings of equal length into the powder too.  Avoid powder on the leaves.

Insert the cuttings directly into the rooting substrate, if possible into a pre-inserted hole to prevent the powder from sliding off the cuttings. Placing holes in the substrate of the cups in the tray is made to prevent damage to the cuttings as soon as they are placed in the substrate. This is to prevent the cuttings from not or proper rooting.

When the treatment is finished, do not return the remaining powder into the original packaging. It is contaminated with organic material and has probably become moist and therefore becomes less effective. Dispose of the remnants according to local or regional legislation.