Advantages of using Rhizopon products with indolylbutyric acid

19 July 2019


After using Rhizopon products, the cutting will produce several roots. The distribution is more even, so that the plant is firmly anchored in the soil or pot. This is an important argument for customers to purchase your starting material or end product.

Increase predictability in cultivation

Because all cuttings are provided with sufficient auxin, by adding indolylbutyric acid, these cuttings are rooted almost simultaneously. This also applies to the formation of new shoots, which starts after the development of the root system. This reduces the loss during the cultivation of the starting material considerably. But more important is that the prediction of the moment at which the starting material becomes available increases. This provides the producer of the plant reproduction material with a certain degree of operational reliability.

An important step in integrated crop management

When the cuttings are treated with a Rhizopon product, the cuttings will develop an optimal and strong root system. This ensures a good starting position for the plant during its growth; the uptake of water and nutrients is optimal. In this way the plants are more able to cope with pests and diseases. Fit plants are an essential factor in integrated crop management.

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