The mode of action of Rhizopon products

Indolylbutyric acid is an auxin. Every plant produces auxins to root and to elongate the  plant parts above the soil. Auxin molecules are transported from cell to cell throughout the plant body using the polar auxin transport system. This active transport system relies on energy supplied by the plant. Depending on the conditions, the plant can transport the auxin to the lower parts, the roots, or to the plant parts above the soil. The ratio auxin/cytokinin in the lower part of the stem determines if the plant should root.

Rhizopon products with idolylbutyric acid are used for vegetative propagation of ornamentals. The IBA product is added to the cutting to enhance the quality and quantity of the rooting.

Rhizopon supplies indolylbutyric acid products in two formulation types: powder and tablet.

RHIZOPON® AA and CHRYZO powder series

The cuttings are dipped into the ready-to-use, undiluted powder. Each powder has a fixed concentration. The properties of the formulation ensure that the active ingredient adheres firmly to the cuttings. By dipping the lower end of the cuttings into the powder, the indolylbutyric acid reaches the location where it is needed for the root formation. Dip the base of the cuttings 1 to 1.5 cm deep into the powder. Tap off the excess powder and place the cuttings in the cutting medium. Information on the right powder concentration for your crop can be found in the Rooting Guide.


A solution can be prepared with the RHIZOPON® AA TABLETS which can be applied to the cuttings in various ways. For many plants, the Rooting Guide on this website indicates which method and concentration are most suitable.

The registered application methods with the RHIZOPON® AA TABLETS are:

  • The total immersion dipping method - This method is used especially for cuttings which are too small for the powder dipping method. The cuttings are completely immersed in the RHIZOPON® AA TABLETS solution for 5 seconds.
  • The long soak method - Suitable for leafless winter cuttings, but also for cuttings with leaves such as the Cupressaceae species. The base (1 to 2 cm) of these cuttings is placed in a RHIZOPON® AA TABLETS solution for at least 12 hours.

Further information on the use of Rhizopon products, including the latest version of the Rooting Guide, can be found on this website. The suppliers of the products in UK are also listed on this site. It is possible to contact Rhizopon by phone at +31 71 3415146 or send your questions to the e-mail address .