The roots of Rhizopon are in Amsterdam. At ACF (Amsterdam's Chinine Factory) the first rooting products were developed in the 1930s. After a reorganization in 1987, the ACF activities in the field of growth regulators were divested. Rhizopon was established. The new company no longer had a connection with the former parent company. What remained in Rhizopon was the large amount of knowledge about the use of rooting hormones.

From the outset, Rhizopon has focused on working closely with growers and researchers to improve the rooting process of many cultivars with help of the rooting products. For this, new insights have emerged and processes adapted to new developments in the production of starting material.

For the non-professional user, Chryzotop Green 0.25% is on the market in the UK and some other European countries. This ready-for-use rooting powder enables the home and garden user to propagate most of the ornamental crops.


Until a few years ago, the Rhizopost was a popular edition of Rhizopon. With the information users of the Rhizopon products were able to stay informed of the latest developments in the field of cuttings in general and using Rhizopon products to improve the rooting in particular. The relevant articles from the Rhizopost have been made available on this website as instructions.

The hard copy no longer exists, but the first online version of Rhizopost will be published soon. This newsletter will be made available via e-mail. You can register using this form.