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Rhizopon products can be safely used if the instructions on the package are followed. Furthermore it is advisable to consult Product Safety Data Sheets. You can download on this website Rhizopon MSDS.

Personal precautions: Avoid formation of dust clouds (cover the spilled material or make it wet) and the inhalation of it. Wear suitable gloves, work clothes and goggles. In case of possible exposure: Dust filter (P2).

Environmental precautions: Try to stop the material loss. Washings can around garden beds, lawns and plants are collected. With the release of large quantities into the environment, the authorities must be informed.

Cleaning Methods: Ventilate area. Keep upwind to avoid inhaling dust. Wipe or suction (vacuum cleaner with filter) the spilled substance together and scoop into containers, if appropriate, moisten first to prevent dusting. Wash away remainder with plenty of water (wash water for the garden) and end with water and soap (for washing water in the sewer).