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Rhizopon has always tried to share knowledge to the users of the products. There were several channels used. Traditionally, the Rhizopon Rooting Guide is a perfect example of this. Early in the 90's the Rhizopost was introduced. This leaflet was sent home by mail. A great success and much appreciated by recipients. 

Through the Rhizopons distributors Rhizopon Information Sheets were distributed. The different application methods were clarified. Today we communicate with end-users through our website.

Of course you can find on the website the Information Sheets, the Rooting Guide and old versions of the Rhizopost.

New on the Rhizopon website are the animations. Through moving images, supported by a commentary, we explain how the products work, how they are applicated and other information about the Rhizopon products or cuttings in general.

You will find a link to the instruction movies in the column next to this text